Why do more seniors prefer assisted living?

assisted living in india

Assisted living communities are fast gaining prominence in India and more seniors are opting for them right after retirement. Senior communities are not the same anymore. They have become more vibrant and homelike and some of them are luxurious with the best-in-class facilities. Living alone is not easy and most seniors who live alone are hassled by the burden of maintaining their homes, cooking for themselves, transporting themselves, doing grocery runs and even handling their own medical treatment.

Today senior living communities do not feel institutional. They are not hospitals or hospices but more in line with recreational communities that are lively with activities and entertainment. In the lot of senior living communities, the assisted living format is fast gaining popularity for a variety of reasons.

The assisted living housing facilities have residents starting from the age of 55 years. People who have retired from work have chosen to move into these facilities as they offer them both privacy and community. The apartment style assisted living facilities offer you a chance to own your retirement home or rent is for your lifetime. The apartments are usually a single bedroom furnished apartments with common areas for dining, entertainment and recreation. They do not have nursing stations or strict hospital rules. They work like an active community centre with a range of services and hobby classes that is open to all residents.

Seniors who have moved into these centres have seen an improvement in their health and also have become more active. The idea that you can live in a safe, environment that is well-maintained and secure, is the biggest factor that is making these assisted living communities popular. Seniors have taken up new hobbies or started new ones. There is constant care for their personal well-being and medical treatment plans and experienced cooks create their menus every day. One need not worry about the chores of daily life and just enjoy the days pursing their interests. 

Communities also offer transport services to seniors who want to visit places of interest or religious places. This way seniors do not have to worry about driving themselves or their safety when they are moving around the city or town. Many seniors have taken up new hobbies and fitness regimes in assisted living communities. Coupled with the encouragement from staff, there are all the new friends that seniors make in these communities and that prevents them from isolating themselves or feeling lonely. Being in a peer group is easier that trying to communicate in a multi-generational society for many people.

The one thing that you can never be in an assisted living community is bored. There is constant activity and you have a choice to participate or not. But most of the time seniors tend to participate is not actively at least passively because who doesn’t want to be around bustling activity and laughter.   

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