Which are the best Retirement cities in India?

best cities to retire in india

Seniors are gravitating towards senior living communities instead of opting to stay with family today as they find them more appealing in terms of quality of life. Living independently in a peer environment with an active social life and a managed facility that focuses on seniors is a preferred option to spend their retirement years. In India, there are several senior housing facilities that are mushrooming but if you are looking to purchase a retirement home for yourself or your parents then these are the best places to consider.

We compiled some Best Retirement Cities in India


If warm weather and the beach are where you want to spend the rest of your retirement years, then you should consider doing so in Goa. Goa is not just for the people who love the party scene but makes for a great retirement city. Good healthcare facilities with a variety of property and care options, make Goa a preferred destination for many.


This is the second-largest city in Tamil Nadu, nestled at the foothills of the Nilgiris with a pleasant climate all year round. The city boasts of excellent healthcare facilities and great connectivity. This makes Coimbatore a preferred location for people choosing to lead an active or quiet retired life. The city has long attracted pensioners and today plays host to a variety of retirement projects.


This growing city offers the best healthcare facilities and infrastructure for retirement living. It has a high literacy rate and is known for its peaceful society. It also has an international airport, making it a great destination to choose to buy your retirement home with all the urban amenities without the bustle of the big city.


You may think of this city as a retirement city considering it is always buzzing with a young IT crowd, but it is also hosted to some of the largest medical centers, making it a good choice of city to retire in. If you have worked all your life in the city and still want to enjoy the city life after retirement then, Bangalore is the place for you. There are several new developments which integrate senior living with regular homes, making the stay more pleasant. Large township developments that are coming up in the outskirts are including options for seniors living in their plans. This might be the right time also to invest in one of these homes.


This crowning glory of the Himalayas with its scenic views is the best place to retire if you love the cool weather. Its proximity to religious places like Haridwar and Rishikesh makes it an attractive destination for seniors. There are several luxury retirement destinations that are coming up in Dehradun offering stunning facilities to seniors. It is well-connected and is known for its tranquillity. If you want to stay away from the bustle of city life then this is a great place to choose as a retirement destination.


Pune is in the spotlight for its fast growth and expansion over the past few years. It is also a great student city and the perfect place for retired armed force person\el. It has an active social scene making it a lively city to be part of in your retirement years. The weather in Pune is also pleasant thus making it a great place to live all year round.


The city is a tourist haven, but it offers a plethora of activities for the senior community. It hosts one of the biggest literary events, the Jaipur Literature Festival and has a host of other daily activities to keep you entertained through the year. If you want to keep alive the explorer habit after retirement, then Jaipur is the place for you to choose. The infrastructure and real estate developments are fantastic in this city and it is a good place to invest in your retirement home.

Retirement gives you the opportunity to relocate to a place that has the facilities and whether you have craved to live in. So, make a choice based on your expectations from your retired life.

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