When should I choose a nursing home facility?

nursing home facility

Aging is associated with loss of mobility, memory loss and other serious medical conditions that hinder independent living. Recognizing the right time to move your parents or grandparents into a nursing home facility is vital. The feeling isn’t easy, and it is generally ridden with guilt, anxiety and grief. While you may feel that it your duty to take care of them, there will be a point when they require 24 hours of attentive care which may be beyond what you can provide. Also remember that as a caregiver you will also need to take care of yourself and if you are unable to care for your loved one then it would be a wise decision to move them to a nursing facility which will give them the best care.

There are a few signs that you will see that will help you decide if your loved one might need additional care and a nursing home is the right choice. Consider these situations:

  • Your loved one’s disability has progressed to a point where their safety is endangered
  • It is emotionally draining and physically exhausted to be a care giver to your loved one
  • Your loved one is falling and hurting themselves often
  • Your loved one experiences significant changes in health or behaviour
  • Requires a special diet to match with their medical treatment
  • Unable to care for themselves or their home
  • Manages their medications poorly and does not follow instruction for taking medicines
  • Your loved one cannot bathe, dress or feed themselves
  • There is a strict medical treatment plan that needs to be adhered to for their health
  • You are unable to find enough caregiving help and are unable to provide the time it needs yourself because of your own obligations
  • Requires specialist care on an everyday basis
  • Isolates themselves
  • Inability to recognize family and friends
  • Require rehabilitation therapy every day
  • Needs supervision from a medical professional every day
  • A nursing home is more affordable than multiple home care services

If you have answered yes to most of the questions given above, then you need to consider moving your loved one to a nursing home system.

It is okay to grieve about this decision and sometimes it is difficult to point out a right time. But the decision should be taken more practically keeping everyone’s health in mind. Nursing homes do provide social and entertainment activities for seniors and are not restrictive like hospitals. They are designed to keep seniors engaged with physical and mental challenges while ensuring they are in good health.

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