When do I need to consider a Memory Care housing facility?

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Have you noticed your loved one loosing time or wandering off and not remembering why or how they got there? These are clear signs of dementia and if the problem happens too often then you need consider speaking to a doctor and consider opting to move them to a memory care facility.

There are other behaviors that you might have noticed. Elders may display unwarranted aggression, confusion, and violence. They might even become more isolated or withdrawn. Dementia and other memory-related illnesses like Alzheimer’s result in confusion and elders are unable to handle that sort of change.

People who have dementia benefit from living in an assisted living facility with memory care. Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself before considering moving your loved ones to a senior living facility with memory care.

  • Does your loved one show behavioural issues?
  • Is your loved one feeling lost in familiar places?
  • Do they require 24-hour supervision?
  • Are they forgetting to turn of hazards like stoves and hot plates?
  • Are they paranoid on a daily basis?
  • Have there been concerns of them becoming more isolated?
  • Have there been episodes of memory loss?
  • Is hygiene an issue?
  • Do they have trouble recalling names of close family members and friends?
  • Has their judgement becoming impaired?
  • Are they delusional or disoriented?
  • Has caregiving by yourself become a challenge?
  • Has their speech pattern changed?
  • Are they forgetting basic routine things?
  • Are they unable to get dressed without assistance?
  • Are they misplacing objects regularly?

If you answered yes to a majority of these questions, then considering a memory care facility for your loved one is something that needs to be discussed.

At this stage seniors require more than just daily care and medication charts. They need skilled nursing care with therapists for rehabilitation and specialized nurses who know how to handle memory care patients. Though a lot of assisted living facilities offer memory care services, they are not the same as facilities that are dedicated to memory care. Memory care residents require 24-hour monitoring and supervision. Additionally, the layouts of the housing units are different for memory care facilities when compared to assisted living.

Residential care is essential for at this stage and considering a housing facility with full time care would be the best option. These facilities usually are smaller and cosier than large retirement homes.

Deciding on this transition is tougher than moving a healthier senior to an assisted living facility. The transition will be confusing for them especially when they are having such few moments of lucidity but giving them the best care is important at this stage to ensure their health and safety.

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