What should I look for in a nursing home facility?

nursing home facilities in India

An elder loved one who cannot care for themselves anymore and have an underlying medical condition that needs monitoring and round the clock, care should be moved to a nursing home facility.

Nursing homes have standardized facilities and if you are looking for one to ensure that you want to house your loved one in then ensure that it meets a certain standard. Nursing homes are designed to provide medical and personal care to the residents. Residents do have the freedom to move around and have regular social activities for residents. These residential centers have services that even extend to handling residents who have acute illnesses. Qualified staff is essential to manage any pre-existing medical condition they might have. Also, the location of the nursing home will be vital. Ensure that the nursing home has a full-service hospital close to it.

Given below is a list of must haves that the nursing should have

  •  Assistance with Daily activities like
    • Bathing & Dressing
    • Continence
    • Mobility
    • Feeding
  • Meal preparation is handled by the nursing home and meals are made specifically to match each resident’s medical requirement
  • Cleanliness of the facilities is paramount as seniors have weaker immune systems and are thus more susceptible to infections
  • Physical activity programmes and rehabilitation programmes
  • Organized community activities like games, holiday programmes and stimulating exercises.
  • Lifestyle services that allow for seniors to practice their chosen religion
  • Specializations in physical therapy, speech therapy, respiratory specialists, dieticians, dental services, laboratory services and occupational therapy need to be available
  • Skilled nursing care is a necessity
  • Ability to handle medical emergencies

Nursing homes should be smaller facilities can be more personalised in care. Larger facilities may not serve the purpose of giving an environment that is reflective of home. Before you make your final decision

  • Ask around for recommendations
  • Talk to friends and family
  • Check with their doctor to know what to look for
  • Visit the facility and ask for a tour
  • Get a full list of their services and understand how they best suit your loved one’s needs
  • Understand the contract terms and the costs involved in the long term
  • Check if the facility is certified and has staff that are qualified
  • Check if it has handicap access
  • It should be an active community and a warm and welcoming place for residents.

It is important to do your homework when you are trying to find the best facility for your loved ones. Search extensively and ask as many questions as you want until you

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