What is the difference between Assisted living and Independent living?

assisted living

The options to choose from for senior living have grown exponentially over the years. Indians first moved out of multi-generational homes into nuclear families and today many of them are choosing to move to assisted living and independent living senior housing facilities. The taboo of living alone as seniors is being replaced with a feeling of freedom. Assisted Living and Independent Living are the mot popular types of senior living facilities that people are opting for after retirement.

Understanding the difference between Assisted and Independent Living

An Assisted Living facility supports seniors with daily tasks such as food, housekeeping, laundry, and medication. These facilities have caregivers who are available for the senior residents round the clock. The seniors also have the option of engaging in recreational activities and they can also follow shared interests. A few assisted living facilities also take care of memory care seniors.

Independent living does not require daily care assistance. Residents have larger living spaces and carry out most of their tasks on their own – such as meal preparation, cleaning and laundry. The facility can also offer these services for those who want to avail them. The independent living facilities may not be suitable for seniors requiring memory care. Seniors with no major pre-existing conditions and who can manage their daily routine without much assistance can consider independent senior housing.

Choosing between Assisted and Independent Senior Living

As you assess the appropriate form of care for your elders, it is important to discuss all the possibilities. Consider their daily routines, interests, medical care needs and long-term housing needs. The short term and long-term cost implications of both options should be assessed.

If your loved one is in good health, then an independent living facility will be good for them. It is lower in costs and offers a greater degree of freedom. But if you are more comfortable if they had a regular caregiver then an assisted living facility would be ideal. Try and choose a senior housing facility that would have both options available so that if there is a need to transition in the future, it would be an easy shift. If your loved ones are having a hard time deciding which works best for them, give them time to understand the pros and cons of each and then make a collective decision

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