Typical questions you need to ask before choosing nursing homes?

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If you are in the process of choosing a nursing home for your loved one, then you need to have a checklist in place to ensure that you choose the right place. Bring in a trusted friend or family member and a doctor to help you decide on which nursing home is the better one for your loved one. You can have these questions ready with you when you go to visit nursing homes for the initial understanding of the care options available to your loved ones.

Services and Costs

  • Is the nursing home certified?
  • What kind of care and services are provided in the nursing homes?
  • What are the services and how much do they charge? Are there optional services?
  • What are the extra services available and their charges?
  • What is the general public opinion about the nursing home?
  • How often does the nursing home communicate with the family regarding the care of the resident?
  • What kind of meals are served? Are there nutritionists who monitor the resident’s meal?
  • What is the visiting policy for a family?
  • In case of emergency does the home take care of the necessary arrangements?
  • Do doctors visit the facility for regular appointments?

Facility and Ambience

  • Is the facility designed to allow for easy movement of seniors?
  • Does it have wheelchair access?
  • Is the facility clean and well-maintained?
  • Is it easy to navigate from rooms to the common areas and gardens?
  • Are there non-slip tiles along the floor, especially the bathrooms?
  • Are there handrails in the rooms, bathrooms and corridors?
  • How are the other residents? Do they looked well-cared for and well-groomed?
  • Are the rooms – private or shared? If you want a private space would it be available?
  • Can family spend a day with them in the nursing home? Is there enough privacy for the same?
  • Do residents get access to telephone and televisions?
  • Is the facility secured?
  • What is the profile of the other residents in the facility?
  • Is the place noisy or peaceful?


  • What are the qualifications of the staff?
  • Which staff is available 24 hours at the facility?
  • Do they have registered nurses round the clock?
  • Are the staff friendly towards the residents?
  • Are they respectful of the parents needs and privacy?

General questions

  • Can you find a place in the nursing home immediately or are you put on a waiting list?
  • Is it conveniently located for you to visit regularly and for other family and friends to visit often?
  • Is the facility equipped to handle emergencies?
  • Does the nursing home provide religious services and programmes?
  • Is there back-up generators to handle power cut situations?

If you get satisfactory answers to all the above questions then you consider moving your loved one into the facility.

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