Things do get better with age

Aging is a natural part of our life. People have different opinions about aging. While some have a positive outlook towards aging, others treat it as a topic of taboo. However irrespective of the outlook, getting older is a good thing. While the anti-aging squad on TV will ask you to extend your youthful stage, you should know that growing older is a good thing. Besides the fact that in today’s world seniors lead independent lives, there are a lot of points on which you can boast about being a senior citizen.

You are truly older and wiser

As per studies, aging has many intellectual and emotional benefits. Studies show that individuals above 60 years of age show better decision-making skills, have a greater insight about the world and make collective decisions. Seniors tend to volunteer more and share their knowledge more openly. Even if you were to get a tattoo at this age, it would probably be a sensible one.

More time on your hands

You will now have more time for your family, your activities and to relax. The free time you have is perfect for spending time with your children and grandchildren. You can also volunteer, take up a new hobby, attend workshops and events and maybe even travel. As we age and our responsibilities become less, we tend to have that time in our lives to do what we want. So, while younger individuals are feeling the heat from their multiple commitments, PTA and work functions, seniors get to enjoy do the most important thing in life: spending time with those they love.

Fantastic Savings opportunities

Seniors get better deals on savings schemes. If you are like most adults in today’s market, you know that even the smallest savings can really go a long way. There are better deals on travel too. Many companies offer a better discount to seniors. There are several establishments, restaurants and museums that offer discounts for seniors. Just ask, you may be surprised to find what establishments in your area will give you an extra discount just for being a senior!

No more emotional roller coasters

Seniors are calmer, less impulsive and their experience also gives them more positive emotions. While worry, anger and loneliness plague seniors, these can be handled with good company and a fulfilling schedule. Happiness and emotional well-being improve with time and they learn to slow down to enjoy life at a different pace. Whether it is your growing understanding of what is important in life, or simply a commitment to stop and smell the roses, improved mood and more happiness seems to be directly linked to age. Just think, the longer you live, the happier and more positive you will likely be. Now that is something to look forward to as you age.

You are smarter

Research has found that peak intelligence is around 74-75 years of age. This study looked at reasoning, memory and other aspects of intelligence to find that 74-75-year olds are actually much more intelligent as a group than their younger counterparts. This does mean that you can be more active for a longer age instead of having to retire from active life and work at 59 years as most companies have decreed.

Senior living has some great things happening today if you can ignore the few extra lines on your face and embrace your age then being a senior in today’s world can be a great experience.

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