Reasons why Assisted living is better than living alone

assisted living in india

Elders being in a family home might seem like the most responsible decision. But in truth, elders need more care as they age. Many elders feel uncomfortable about moving into a senior community and tend to fight to stay at home. They imagine that they will lose their independence and will be neglected. But in truth against living alone, assisted living facilities give more services to elders. They can live in an active community with personal care services and timely medical services. This not only helps in improving the quality of their life but can also do wonders for their health.

If you are trying to reason with yourself or an elder about moving into an assisted living community, then here are a few arguments for you to consider.

  • Worry Free Living

House maintenance is not something you need to worry about when you love in an assisted living facility. The house comes furnished and you do not have to worry about housekeeping either. The community is maintained and kept in pristine condition as its important to have a clean and sanitized environment for seniors. The community also comes with its own security system, thus making it also a safe place to live.

  • Time to Socialize

Socializing is big part of senior assisted living facilities. The community is also designed with common spaces for interaction and games. Assisted living communities are designed to have small private spaces and large common areas. They also organised activities off-campus with field trips and recreational activities that are a great way to make new friends.

  • Good food

Nutrition is important for seniors. They need food that can help them stay in good health and manage any pre-existing medical conditions. When seniors live alone, they tend to skip meals or eat very little. When you are in a community then mealtimes can be enjoyable with friends in a common dining space.

  • Amenities

Senior living housing comes with a host of amenities for leading a healthy and stress-free life. From yoga training to fitness centres, swimming pools to walking path, recreation rooms to hobby classes and short tours to religious programmes, you will find your time at an assisted living centre to be lively and fulfilling.

  • Peace of mind

When parents or grandparents are at an assisted living housing facility, it becomes easier on the whole family, knowing that they are well-cared for. They receive personal care and medical attention and have nurses and assistants to take care of them every day. The set-up is also not restrictive, and it allows for everyone to move freely and opt for activities that they find interesting, thus keeping them happier.

  • Never feel lonely again

Seniors tend to get isolated and stop interacting with neighbours and sometimes even families as they age. In an assisted living facility since you need to be out in common areas and interact with people as part of the daily routine, it is unlikely they would ever feel isolated or neglected. In fact, new friendships bloom and having regular companions keeps them happier and more active.

Living alone as you age means piling on a lot of responsibilities on yourself and your family. An assisted living facility can make your senior years a stress-free experience for you and your family.

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