Let’s make sure our parents are safe!

Lets make parents safe
Sudheer Murthy* – Moved to USA in 1994 as a 25 year old and his parents aged 70, and 76, reside in Jayanagar, Bangalore   * Names changed to protect confidentiality

Tring Tring – Corona message  PHONE IS ANSWERED  

“ Sudheer Murthy” – Amma, are you ok. Hope you are Appa are not stepping out of the house 

“Amma” – Yes son, we are absolutely fine. Appa has gone to get groceries.  

Rukhmani (maid) has not been coming 

SM- But then who is cleaning and cooking  

Amma- Appa and I are managing. Don’t worry. How are my grandchildren doing? Are you all safe? 

SM-We are all ok Amma. 


With regards to the aged parents living in India, Indian- American adults are worried but feel helpless. With their lives and those of their children invested in the American dream, they are now finding it difficult, if not impossible to make sure their parents are looked after. The option of relocating their parents to USA does not seem practical for either stakeholder.   With the arrival and spread of Covid 19 in most Indian cities, concerns have accelerated in the mind and hearts of the NRI.   


Most Indians struggle to come to terms with relocating their parent/parents to senior living communities/ retirement homes. The social stigma associated with such a move has resulted in a muted demand for such communities for over 100 million adults over the age of 65.  It is a topic neither raised or discussed, parents continue to stay in a debilitated home because neither do they have the energy nor the income generating cash flows to support such an initiative. Their present home valued at anywhere between Rs 1.5 crores to 10 crores (CONVERT TO USD) is protected as their final gift to their children. Savings and incomes have been exhausted providing an education to further growth opportunity of their children. Elaborate weddings haven’t helped either.  


Covid 19 has highlighted the risk of independent living or with the help of unqualified help who is not trained for assisted living for senior citizens.  Its time the children take ownership and champion the cause of moving parents to Retirement homes or Retirement community. These are sometimes located in off beat places away from the cities are developed as Retirement villages. As a senior citizen, there are multiple options to explore for senior living homes or Senior citizen homes as part of senior housing project. For parents who prefer Luxury old age homes, few operators such as Ashiana Housing, Brigade, Gagan NuLife are located in Bangalore, Pune or Near Delhi NCR. 

In the affordable segment, Old age homes and Elderly homes in India are offered by Paranjape, Athulaya, Manasum etc.  These communities provide services like access to hospital, laundary, travel desk, banking services etc to engage them with individuals in similar age groups providing safety, comfort and company to your parents.

 There are a few aggregators who can make your life easy.

In India, we are building Vitality Homes as an aggregator to put together detailed information for all such options and aspire to be leaders in the senior living industry, providing valuable information, resources, and best-in-class customer service to families and partners.

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