India: The future of Senior Living Communities


The senior housing and living facilities are going through a radical change every year with more seniors opting for independent and assisted living as opposed to living in multi-
generational houses with home care. Housing for seniors is becoming more affordable with a
wide range of amenities and a host of activities that promise to keep everyday entertaining.

The future is definitely looking bright for senior living communities with more focus now on training
a larger number of staff who can manage senior communities in not just healthcare but also
entertainment and daily activities.

A set of predictions for the future are listed below.

Eco-friendly Senior Living

Eco-friendly housing is an economical way to live in the future. Green senior housing can save money on cooling systems, lighting, and other aspects thus making it more economical for seniors in the long run. LEED certifications of communities and houses which are created

with eco-friendly materials and also furnished with eco-friendly appliances makes it friendly
to the pockets of seniors who no longer have a regular income.

Senior-Friendly Amenities

Amenities would need to go beyond the regular and look at engaging multi-cultural residents.
Fitness classes, educational opportunities, cultural events, and training sessions will all become a critical part of senior living in the future. With people migrating to a variety of countries and choosing to continue living there in their senior years, it is imperative to ensure that the senior housing can cater to all. Many Indian citizens who have lived abroad most of their adult years choose to come back to India to spend their retirement. The communities developed for seniors need to take into consideration that these NRI’s might have different cultural and entertainment standards.

Co-housing for Seniors

For seniors who are single living in a commune style, senior housing might be more attractive.
A 1BHK home for their privacy with common areas for gathering, dining, and recreation might just the way for seniors to spend their twilight years. This ensures better interaction with others and keeps them happier. There are several developments being created with this concept in mind that combines the beauty of privacy and community living for seniors.

Senior Friendly Neighbourhoods

Not all senior housing can be ensconced in a large township with all the amenities so it is imperative that the local governments will also create neighborhoods that are friendly to senior citizens. This opens up a larger opportunity for builders to create senior housing facilities in various parts of the city. This can include creating parks, senior-friendly
pavements, ramping the neighborhood, and also providing short-distance public transport.

Rise in Technology for Senior Living Communities

Technology will definitely bring a whole new level of comfort and safety for seniors. In the future seniors will interact with AI to operate their IoT home appliances and have personal robots to assist them in their day to day activities. Wireless mobile support systems, smart
home appliances and networked gated communities would help seniors lead an easier life.
There is every reason to be optimistic about the future for senior living and housing. The realities of senior living are changing every day and the future has more to offer to seniors.

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