How to Choose an Assisted Living Facility

There is an array of Assisted Living facilities with a variety of services that are opening up around you. The sheer amount of choices available to you can be overwhelming but making the right choice can be easier if you know what to look for.

Set a process for yourself so that you can evaluate the various options against these criteria. The 3 major points you need to focus on while choosing an Assisted Living Facility are

  • Location Location Location
  • Resources available at the facility
  • What are your expectations

Location Location Location

Consider your preferred location. Some people desire a location near doctors and a major hospital, while others prefer a location central to shopping and entertainment. You may desire a location near your children and grandchildren.

Resources available at the Facility

Decide what features you desire in your living space. You may want an extra bedroom for a guest or desire a kitchenette or patio for entertaining. Think about the amenities and activities that bring you joy. Assisted living communities may have pools, movie theaters, gyms, walking areas, etc.

What are your expectations

Before you begin looking at assisted living facilities, think about your needs and desires for a long-term residence. Try the food and read the menu to make sure your taste buds would be satisfied eating those selections on a daily basis. A night visit gives you a feel for the atmosphere during quiet hours, and it allows you to evaluate the night staff.

What question you should ask before moving in?

You need to have full clarity about all things before moving in so that you are not hassled by hidden costs and other regulations that might not be favourable to you.

Ask these questions before you move in.

  1. Full contract details, all fees and regulations
  2. All services that are billed to you with tax break-ups
  3. Pet policy
  4. Timing regulations
  5. Activities that are prohibited in the facility
  6. Availability of a registered nurse on call
  7. Insurance options, if any
  8. Number of residents already present
  9. Food that is offered
  10. Maintenance of the facility

You can ask all these questions and take a tour before making your final decision.

Some of the assisted living options in India include

  1. Sukino
  2. Epoch
  3. NanaNani Homes

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