Health benefits of Indoor gardening for seniors

gardening for old people

Outdoor gardening may not be an option if you are living in an assisted living facility, nursing home or independent apartments. Instead you can consider indoor plants to bring in the benefits of gardening into your limited space. Growing plants and taking care of them helps you improve your mood, lowers anxiety and improved overall wellness.

How can you begin gardening indoors?

You can work with your family to help you set up your own green slice in your living space.

  • Select your plants – Study about plants that thrive indoors. Also look for those that need minimal care and are not prone to disease.
  • Buy all the support material – Buy pots, extra soil and manure, spray cans, watering cans, gardening tools and any other equipment that one might need for regular maintenance of plants.
  • Buy plants based on experience – If you are gardening for the first time then try and get hardy plants that are hard to kill. Dessert varieties can take harsher care conditions. Do not buy delicate plants like orchids.
  • Be safe – Choose plants that are good for health and well-being. Those that clear impurities from the air and release more oxygen are a good choice to have. Ask for suggestions from the nursery where you are purchasing the plants from.
  • Choose plants together – A few seniors may like flowering plants and other might like a rock garden. Choose the plants with them and get them involved in the process from the beginning.
  • Get creative – Gardening is a fun activity. You can add fun pots, decorators, funky plant markers and other items that might liven the space.

Even if you have not tried gardening before, you can try gardening and here are some compelling reasons why,

Plants make you feel better

Senior living environments may seem a bit overwhelming. Maintain a small garden or even a single plant helps them feel more at home. Taking care of plants helps build self-esteem and makes on feel more responsible. It also helps decrease loneliness and can be a great talking point when trying to make new friends.

Gardening decreases the risk of dementia

Gardening is great way to stimulate the senses. Research has proven that daily gardening reduces the likelihood of dementia. Even if you are showing early signs of dementia, gardening as a activity has shown to delay the progression of the condition.

Gives you are sense of accomplishment

Parents as they age find it hard to let go of their caregiver roles. In senior homes, there is little or no opportunity to practice this habit of caregiving. Gardening is way to give them a sense of purpose. Caring for plants gives them a responsibility that they are familiar with and thus keeps them happy.

Maintaining plants is success-oriented activity and it can give one a sense of accomplishment when they maintain a healthy garden.

Grow Herbs

Growing herbs can fill your space with calming smells. Basil, thyme and rosemary aren’t just great to have in your foods. Plants like mint and lavender are great for stress-relief. So if there is a particular fragrance you like then getting a herb garden would be a great way to spice up your home.  

Gardening is a fun activity and can also create a sense of responsibility and give seniors an activity to do every day.

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