12 ways to keep your mind sharp as you age

Preserving your mental abilities as you age is important and a few changes and additions to your routine can help you achieve that. Everyone is a little forgetful regardless of their age, but if you are noticing that you are more forgetful than usual and its affecting your normal routine then you might need to consider if you are experiencing the onset of dementia. While dealing with dementia should be done with medical professional, you can always do other things to keep your mind sharp.

Here are 12 ways in which you can ensure that you stay mentally fit

  1. Control cholesterol and high blood pressure

Bad health can always play havoc on your brain function. It also puts you under stress and you will not be able to keep your brain healthy. Work with your doctor to constantly keep these conditions under control at all times.

  • Don’t smoke or drink excessively

Smoking and drinking as you age do quicker damage than when you were a child. Get help if you are trying to kick the habit or at least learn to control it. Kicking the habit is the best way forward but try and rope in your family and friends to help you control it too.

  • Exercise regularly

Exercise is an endorphin realising activity. Endorphins are happy hormones, and this will help elevate your mood and pull you out of anything that is making you feel low. Being regular with your exercise will also help you healthy.

  • Eat a healthy diet

A healthy diet can take care of your health much better than any other activity or medication. Work with a nutritionist and create a good diet that will help you get healthier and also manage a lot of you pre-existing conditions.

  • Keep learning

Never stop learning. This is one of the best ways to stimulate your brains. Pick up a new hobby or go back to your old ones that you couldn’t pursue. Sign up for classes that you can attend on a regular basis so that you can stick to your hobby.

  • Repeat what you want to remember

Repetition is one of the foremost tools to improve memory. As we grow older, we tend to forget a lot of things. If there is something that you have read, and you want to remember then try repeating it to yourself. Constant repetition will help you remember things better.

  • Stimulate your brain

Try taking up activities that stimulate you brain like solving crosswords and sudoku. You can do this on a daily basis. Activities like this help stimulate your brain and can be done daily from your daily newspaper itself.

  • Read more

Get a library membership or try and walk to a library near your home often. There is a lot of new reading that you can get interested in. Book clubs are also springing up much faster now and being part of one will help you read more.

  • Get plenty of sleep

Never compromise on your sleep. You need to ensure that you get 7-8 hours of sleep. Rest stimulates the brain. As active as your brain needs to be while your awake it also needs adequate rest to refresh itself.

  1. Use art and music

Art and music are a great way to keep your brain stimulated. Try painting, it’s not about your ability to paint, but working with colours is a great way to stimulate your brain. Listening to music stimulates your brain, and it also helps you calm down.

  1. Learn a new language

This is a great time to learn a new language. You have the time to spend on learning a language. Never question yourself about how you use it, learning something new is a great brain stimulant.

  1. Socialize more

Socializing is a great way to stay happy and keep your brain happy. Meeting old friends and making new ones, is a great way to keep you engaged. If you are not an extrovert by nature, at least try to maintain old friendships. Be regular with talking to your family and friends and try and go out more instead of staying at home. Create a day of a week where you would like to spend time outside.

Although there are no clinically proven ways to reverse diseases like Alzheimer’s or dementia, these tips can help combat age-related decline in brain function and stimulate your brain continuously and help you thrive.

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